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Most businesses understand the benefits of refurbishing or refitting the working environment, the positive influence on staff morale and productivity have been well documented. However the cost of a professional design and build project that can include the intangible elements such as partitioning, ceilings and flooring together with design and management costs, can of result in it being postponed or significantly downgraded. Leasing offers a cost effective way of spreading the cost over any period of up to five years, which means the project can go ahead immediately but without up-front capital expenditure


Preserve borrowing power and invest funds elsewhere

Other lines of credit from the bank of other finance institutions remain intact for other business needs, In addition, leasing can ease the strain on working capital and provide finance with no deposit therefore leaving you with more reserves to invest in areas of your business.

Be totally flexible – payments can match the cash-flow Of the business:

Payments can be made monthly, quarterly or annually to suit your businesses cash-flow. One of the most common reasons quoted for companies failing is bad cash-flow management. Leasing can you management your cash more effectively.

Allocate payments from a revenue budget and opposed to a capital budget

In large organizations there are two budgets, a capital budget for purchasing assets and a revenue budget for the day to day running costs of the business. Leasing comes from the revenue budget and can overcome capital budget restrictions.

100% tax advantages

Leasing, unlike other forms of finance such as bank loans, is fully allowable against tax. This 100% allowance on payments makes leasing one of the most tax efficient methods of acquiring furniture and equipment.

Overcome budget limitations

You can make the most of your budgets by spreading the cost over a 3 or 5 year period and acquire the systems that will fulfill your business needs, rather than systems that your budgets dictate.

Flexible master agreements

You can sign one master agreement on day one and then simply sign additional schedules each time you require additional items, making it easy to add to existing solutions


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